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Meet the Team


Jeremy Cady, NREMT-P

Jeremy has over 20 years experience in EMS working as a Firefighter/Paramedic, providing professional and compassionate care, sometimes during the worst time in someone’s life.  It's been during this time, while serving the local community, Jeremy recognized the benefit of hydration therapy and the need to provide this service to those within in a rural community services are limited. Jeremy has a true passion for wellness and believes true hydration therapy should not be a profit making after thought located within a corner of a physician's office.  At DrypMedic, we believe in personal and professional consultation that fits an individuals needs. Hydration is our passion and we put our client's needs above a profit margin. The DrypMedic mission is to provide safe and consistent service, while also providing a top notch customer experience. DrypMedic is your beacon when it comes to hydration needs. Make your appointment today!

Medical Director

Brian Scheele, DO

Dr. Brian Scheele, a driving force behind DrypMedic, brings both talent and experience stemming from years of experience as a Board Certified Emergency Room Physician.  Licensed in multiple states including Arizona and Nevada, Dr. Scheele also provides emergency medical services at exciting venues such as large musical festivals and cruise ships!  This operational freedom allows DrypMedic to operate in venues all over, bringing hydration to the masses.  Dr. Scheele recognizes the important benefits of proper hydration and we are always updating protocols and operating procedures to reflect the latest trends and current standards within the accepted vitamin hydration therapy community.

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