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Energy Bump.png
Energy Bump

Add a little pep to your step with our ENERGY BUMP dryp.

Myer's Cocktail.png
Myers Cocktail

The pinnacle of IV hydration will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed.

Prego Glow.png
Prego Glow

Pregnant? Our Prego Glow IV is just for you.


When you need to be at the top of your game! PERFORMANCE+ for the win!

Nausea Relief.png
Nausea Relief

Quickly get relief from nausea, morning and motion sickness.

Allergy Relief.png
Allergy Relief

Don't let allergies ruin your day, book our ALLERGY RELIEF dryp today

Beauty Glow.png
Beauty Glow

Look and feel your best with our BEAUTY GLOW detox dryp!

Hangover Buster.png
Hangover Buster

HANGOVER BUSTER is the recovery you need after the party last night.

Refresh Yourself.png
Refresh Yourself

REFRESH YOURSELF and feel great again.

Migraine Eliminator.png
Migraine Eliminator

Don't suffer through the pain, ELIMINATE your MIGRAINE.

Immunity Booster.png
Immunity Booster

Our IMMUNITY BOOSTER dryp helps boost your body's natural immunity.

About DrypMedic

We are a team of dedicated professionals comprised of emergency room RN's and Certified Paramedics that share a passion for wellness, serving the Colorado River Valley and surrounding areas. 

Our DrypMedic Infusion Professionals are carefully screened and hand selected.  All of our experienced professionals possess strong EMS and Nursing backgrounds. We are known for providing exceptional client care, delivered with outstanding customer service.  Our DrypMedic professionals are friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our guests.


Join us for a massage in one of our relaxing recliners located in our Hydration Lounge in Fort Mohave, or DrypMedic will come to you! We are mobile and can come to your home, office, hotel, sporting event, or special occasion to provide you the hydration you need. Our professionals can customize your IV using only top tier supplements that hydrate and replenish the vital nutrients that you need to get you back on your feet and ready to conquer your day!  Don’t hesitate, contact us today and get hydrated!

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What Our Customers Say

My hubby had not been feeling good for a few days so I messaged these lovely people. he got the immunity bag and had him feeling much better! Thank you guys.

Amanda Snedden

Treat Yo Self! to the B12 Injection! I feel so much better after I saw them this afternoon. Thank you Dryp Medic! This took that burned out feeling out of my body. I'm looking forward for more treatments and getting my immune health back to 100%

Maricela Avila

Thank you so much for coming by my shop and saving me time with IV therapy. I feel just wonderful after my beauty glow IV treatment. I would recommend everybody to try IV therapy. I would definitely do this again.

Ladell Green







Call for availability!

We do mobile concierge appointments also, so we are not always in the office.

Please call or go to 'Book Online' for most current availability.

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